INTEGRIS Health Baptist Medical Center


The Women’s Center is a designated “secured floor” – equipped with a device that will monitor access to the entrances of the center. The device includes a camera and speaker that allow the staff to see and hear visitors.

Visitors push a button on the device to alert the staff and provide the patient’s full name to be allowed entry.

This is a proactive step in providing a safe environment for patients during their stay at the Women’s Center. The security department along with the medical staff continually looks for ways to improve the safety of patients and employees.

We want to exercise due diligence in providing the most secure unit for our women and children during their hospital stay. This new measure creates a safe environment and gives families peace of mind.

The Women’s Center staff has also been trained to share recommendations from various agencies. For instance, The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children advises limiting access to personal information by avoiding birth announcements in local newspapers.

As advocates for patient rights, our responsibility is to educate our parents of these risks and respect their right to make their own decisions.